Self-sustainable Residence, Ituri Congo

“We need to defend the interests of those whom we’ve never met and never will.”
– Jeffrey D. Sachs –

Autocad + Rhinoceros + Photoshop


The project grown inside the thick Congo’s forest.
It required to be 100% self sunstainable, there are multiple system that take care about ventilation, reuse of the water and collection of energy using solar collectors.
The wood used come from local trees species.

Each project has its own requirements and location greatly affects the decisions to be taken.

Located in the forest of the Congo, the absence of any kind of electrical or hydraulic connection showed us the right project to be developed.

The residence consists of 18 small houses and a restaurant on the water.

Ventilation, reuse of rainwater, use of solar collectors and built with local materials make the project 100% sustainable.