The first story is about connecting the dots.
– Steve Jobs –

Autocad + Rhinoceros + Cinema 4D + Photoshop


Design Process

from idea to objects

This render was the first…


The Tulip

I was based in Amsterdam during the design phases, so i thought to start with something related to people on the area where the device started its life.

The tulip has been my starting point.

But as i know, the first idea is always wrong 🙂


The Tulip 2.0

The shape was still very raw, i started to play a bit with height and sizes.

The tulip 2.0 did not meet the requirements, but i used it to study what could be the next action on the shape.


The Tulip 2.5

Strange things come outside pandora’s box when the connection between idea and requirements start to deal togheter.

The screen and USB holes need to be on the upper and side part of the case.


Moving towards the final shape

Shape was changing i was thinking about the user experience and how the device should be operated.


Almost there

I knew that the shape was the right one at this point in time.

Still a lot of important details was not defined.



And finally the Shape with all its details was there. i was impressed by the perfection of the prototype maded by Taiwan’s production team.

Everything was ready for the CMF and the production itself.

Moulds has been approvated.

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