The Idea

In 2017 i met a psychologist that works with little kids from 3 to 10 years.
She and her team, identified some patterns to discover dyslexia deficit in a very early stage compare the actual possibilities, studying the behavior of the child using a tablet and cutting the gap created by paper test.
They need to have a tool able to collect data from the app and send them to the web platform where graphs shows the score in the different studied areas.

Project consisted in the tablet app creation together with the web platform  developed by Indian team.

My Role

Project consisted in the tablet app creation together with the web platform, where graphs sections could be seen and purchase could be made. I deeply worked on the user flows and level interactions, after approval from psychologist team, i instructed the Indian developers.

UX has been challenging due to the psychologist requirement, and because needs to be operated from a child and a doctor at the same moment. Each level in order to evaluate different aspect of the children required a special interaction by both.

What i learnt

While working on this projects apart from the technical evolution that i gained, i well understood that user experience, interface and psychology need to go in the same direction when creating for a human being. 

From a personal point of view i was excited to be part of a project dedicated to children.