Dusk Network

The Problem

I Joined Dusk Network since its early stages. at that point in time they daily had presantation , meetings and events on complex concepts to attend.
I was asked to simplify the visual experience of the audience in order to create a general and understandable hipe about their idea.

My Role

In the initial steps i started to create a consistency library of assets and schemes.
To let them create the perfect presentation i made multiple templates (some of them still visible online in their early interviews or blog articles).

The Vision

When the templates where made there has been a period of transition using the assets created by me for my the team, so i decide to walk the path to create a visual brand identity based on their visions, boosting consistency between projects and teams.

Many things were created from that moment, I am now in charge of the UX interactions and graphics interfaces on various products.

Recently I release their new Design System, added themes variation and animated interactions.