The Industrial approach

When i was still studying, i found interesting into Industrial design specially with new tech gadget or devices.
So I started working as a freelance creating various mock-ups and proposal for different projects for 2 years.
While my graduation project was almost complete i has been invited in Amsterdam to have a look at the possibilities related to a new idea that Beestar was preparing. The Sparc.

Sparc industrial design

The car fleet device

The Sparc is a device designed to be economical and transform every “analog” car into a cloud-connected one, just by plug it in the 12 volt plug (the cigar one).

The set of geo-location based services offered by Sparc coordinated the UX development and the related UI (which had been shown on a black and white screen of only 128 x 64 pixels).

My Role

Proud to have designed the device (patent number: WO 2017050353 A1) together with the team in Amsterdam and Taiwan that realized it, along with the UX and the marketing side, creating the website and the contents shown.