Tusk Battle

The Idea

Sync-line Studio achievement was to create a simple game to start exploring the mobile gaming world.
Tusk Battle is a turn based arcade game inspired by first game installed in a personal computer since 1952, tic tac toe.

My Role

I started to create concepts on game-play possibilities, then create the architecture behind the main functionalities as matchmaking or in game transactions, when everything was approved I lead the software development team in India to build the app.

While app was in WIP i created the website to promote and explain the game.

What i learnt

I was always excited and in the willing of working on a game, i discovered a lot in the process of making all the assets needed such image atlas or image requirements for animations and timing.
It has been a good starting point to understand all the needs and how to deliver them, in order to create an videogame.
For this reason all my projects has always the functions and the user well connected together when designing.